Programme (21st April - 27th April 2014)

About the Finnish Language and Tampere

Day 1 (Easter Monday, 21st April)

Travel day

- The groups from Iceland and Estonia will arrive in Tampere between 6 and 7 PM.

- The Swedish group arrives at the airport at 21.50 -> Airport bus timetable between Tampere airport and Tampere City Center: Timetable 12.8.2013-1.6.201

  Ice breaking: students from TAMK are coming to the Dream Hostel in the evening.


- For students, four 4 bed private rooms have been reserved in the Dream Hostel    BREAKFAST IS INCLUDED!!!

  Street address: Åkerlundinkatu 2, Email: [email protected], phone number:  +358 45 2360 517

- Teachers stay at Hotel Victoria

   Street Address:  Itsenäisyydenkatu 1, Email: [email protected], phone number: +358 3 2425 111

Link to: Map of Tampere


From Railway Station to Dream Hostel

From Central Square to Dream Hostel (In this map you can also find Hotel Victoria where the teachers stay).

From Dream Hostel to Tampere University of Applied Sciences

From Bus Station to Dream Hostel

Day 2 (Tuesday, 22nd April)

Morning    (08.30 - 13.00 in Classroom H2-26)

8.30 Presenting the programme for the intensive study week.

Students present pre-tasks in national groups + discussion.

Students form new working groups. A new group work assignment will be given to students.

A conducted tour (from 11.00 to 12.00) at the TAMK premises: laboratories etc.


Afternoon: A visit to Naistenlahti Power Plant in Tampere from 2 PM to 4 PM. 

Leaving TAMK by foot at 13.15. It´s a 1,5 mile walk to the power plant.

Map from TAMK to Naistenlahti Power Plant.

Day 3 (Wednesday, 23rd April)

Bus leaves TAMK at 8.00. Arrival in Olkiluoto at 10.30.

Full-Day Excursion to Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant (distance 160 km).

Passport is required!!

Timetable in Olkiluoto:

10:30 Coffee + identity checks
11:00-12:30 Presentations
12.30-13.15 Lunch
13.15-14.15 A guided tour of OL3
14.15-15.30 VLJ repository (low and intermediate level waste repository) + The exhibition in ONKALO
15.30 A visit to the exhibition center + coffee

Bus leaves at 16.00 from Olkiluoto. Arrival back in Tampere at 18.15.

Map from TAMK to Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant

Power Point Presentation: Olkiluoto Environmental Monitoring

Day 4 (Thursday, 24th April)

Morning   (08.30 - 10.00 in Computer Class C2-02  / 10.00 - 12.30 in Classroom H2-28)

8.30-10.00 Working groups in session, students preparing their presentations.

10.15-11.45 Expert lecture on bioenergy:

Kristin Onarheim
Research Scientist, M.Sc. Renewable Energy
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Fuel Conversion, Energy Concepts


Afternoon: A visit to the Bio Energy Power Plant in Hämeenkyrö (distance 40 km).

Bus leaves TAMK at 12.45. Arrival in Hämeenkyrö at 13.30. 

Bus leaves back to Tampere at 16.00. Arrival in Tampere at 16.45.

Map from TAMK to Hämeenkyrö

Power Point Presentation: Metsä Board Kyro

Power Point Presentation: Hämeenkyrön Voima

Power Point Presentation: Pohjolan Voima

Day 5 (Friday, 25th April)

Morning  (08.30 - 12.00 in Classroom B3-24  (Also available 08.30 - 12.00 Computer Class B2-25)

8.30-11.00 Working groups in session, students preparing their presentations.

(Go to lunch at 11 AM)

Afternoon: Excursions to Viinikanlahti Waste Water Management Plant and Rusko Water Treatment Plant in Tampere.

Bus leaves TAMK at 12.00

Viinikanlahti Waste Water Management Plant: 12.15-13.40

Rusko Water Treatment Plant: 14.00-16.00

Back at TAMK at 16.30.


Day 6 (Saturday, 26th April)

Morning (09.00 - 12.00 in Classroom H2-27)

9.00-9.15 Working groups prepare for their presentations.

9.15-11.00 Working groups present their reports. (Presentation 15 minutes and discussion 5 minutes).

9.15-9.35 Group 1

9.35-9.55 Group 2

9.55-10.15 Group 3

10.15-10.35 Group 4

10.35-10.55 Group 5


Afternoon: Seitseminen National Park

Bus leaves TAMK at 12.00.

Be prepared for a walk in the woods: "Harjukierros", esker trail, 6 km. The trail goes through spruce bogs or pine forest islands in the middle of open bogs.

Bus leaves back to Tampere at 17.00. Back in Tampere at 18.15.

Map from TAMK to Seitseminen National Park


Day 7 (Sunday, 27th April)

Travel day

Feedback discussion.