Course in Tampere, April 2014. Pretasks.

Intensive course: “Environmentally sustainable solutions in industrial technology and energy issues”

Students make a Power Point -presentation, as a group, on the following issues in their respective home countries and give a presentation to students from other participating countries.

The students' presentations (
15 minutes per group) are supposed to cover each of the following 5 statements:

1) Various energy forms in use at present.
2) The amounts of energy produced in each different way.
3) The main users of  energy.
4) Environmental impacts of each energy form.
5) Future energy plans for the country.

Estonian Presentation
Swedish Presentation
Finnish Presentation
Icelandic Presentation

Students get 3 ECT units by completing the following tasks

Handing in of pre-tasks for the international study week (1 ECT unit).
Taking part in the international study week in Iceland (1 ECT unit).
Handing in of 2 reports: Daily travel diary and a Scientific report on the energy issues discussed during the study week (1 ECT unit).