Objectives and Goals

Objectives and goals


Environmental engineering and management students and teachers from Iceland, Estonia, Sweden and Finland will widen their knowledge and skills in sustainable water and energy management in Nordic countries by different working activities.


Sharing of mutual knowledge on sustainable technologies for water and waste management, including the energy issues, and an intensive study week alongside with the production of teaching material for mutual use is going to be an excellent scheme for the work.


Students from different countries and cultures will be working together in mixed groups throughout the intensive week and thus have the opportunity to learn from and get to know each other. The co-operation will create understanding and appreciation of other Nordic countries and cultures. 



How is the mobility organized


Each partner university will send 7 students and one teacher to an intensive study week in Tampere, Finland. An intensive course will be held in Tampere in the spring of 2014, with pre-studies and contacts to prepare the visits. As a result of the intensive study week, teaching material on excursion topics will be promoted in the partner universities.



Partner Universities


Reykjavik University, School of Science and Engineering (http://www.ru.is). The Icelandic partner has expertise in renewable natural resources and natural alternative energy forms.


Tallinn TTK University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Architectural and Environmental Engineering ( http://www.tktk.ee). The Estonian partner has expertise in how new technologies can be used parallel with old technologies; also expertise in fossil fuels and coal slate.


Halmstad University, School of Business and Engineering (http://www.hh.se/). The new Swedish partner has expertise in energy and environmental science.


Coordinating University


Tampere University on Applied Sciences. The study programme in Environmental Engineering.

(http://www.tamk.fi/). The Finnish coordinator has expertise in nuclear power, bio energy and new energy technologies.


Quality assurance


Reporting and evaluation will be carried out by all the participating institutions by collecting student and teacher feedback both during and after the project.



The criteria for student selection


Second year students who have gained better grades will be prioritized in the selection.



Recognition of studies abroad


The studies will be included in the students’ engineering examination in all participating universities.





All the students will get 3 ECT units, as a part of their examination, by completing the following tasks:

- handing in of pre-tasks for the international study week (1 ECT unit)

- taking part in the international study week in Finland (1 ECT unit)

- handing in of 2 reports: Daily travel diary and a Scientific report on the issues discussed during the study week (1 ECT unit).



Flight tickets


Partners travelling to Finland book and pay for their flight tickets first by themselves.

After the intensive study week in Finland is over, the partners send invoices of the flight tickets to Tampere.

The flights will be paid for according to Nordplus regulations; the maximun rate being 660 Euro.





The accommodation for the Estonian, Swedish and Icelandic partners will be booked by Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

The accommodation will be paid for according to Nordplus regulations; the maximun rate being 20 Euro for students and 70 Euro for teachers.




Students will hand in 2 reports: Daily travel diary and a Scientific report on the issues discussed during the study week

Participating teachers will write a report on the exchange after the exchange has been completed.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences will write a final report on the project.




Dissemination will be carried out:

- via a new internet portal (www.nordswem2014.webs.com )

- by organizing workshops and exhibitions (e.g. World Water Day and European Climate Day) in all universities (-> by inviting local media representatives to the events)